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"There were plenty of mice at the Hermit Creek campsite and on the dunes at Hermit Rapids, but my food stayed safe in the GrubPack. I'd heard about the relentless ravens and jeered at them at Herman Rapids as I put my food sack into the GrubPack and stuck it under a rock ledge. My main food cache in the GrubPack was untouched. Our thanks to online forum gear-tester Carol Crooker


"I received my size "A" GrubPack today. It far exceeded my expectations and is clearly made to last. Any critter trying to bite into this is in for a rude surprise. Glad to see Made in USA products, please keep it that way." Steve S.




"I really have to give you kudos for the prompt shipment and receipt of my new GrubPack. I had shown my buddies the GrubPack but they bought different ones and stated many times on the trip how poor theirs were and how great mine was! I had no problems with 'varmints'."    Many thanks to David Snow and his "Canyon Pack Monkey"


"I've done dozens of long weekend stays on the Appalachian Trail in the past 20+ years. I always thought the mice were just something I had to put up with. No more! I met two hikers with GrubPacks in a shelter one night in 2009. I knew right away that I had to have one. Having a mouse proof food container I can count on is a wonderful thing. I just wanted to let you know that you have a great product. I'm spreading the word to others. I just bought 3 as Christmas gifts." Terrance Theisen



"I'd heard many stories about the rats, mice and possums along the Overland Track here in Tasmania (Australia) and so I ordered a medium sized (B) GrubPack. I was immediately impressed by the quality of the product and how light and compact it packs down. The camp at Echo Point is particularly notorious for small critters with sharp teeth and a liking for the trail food. However, my supply remained untouched in the GrubPack. Great Product, Great service."     A very special thanks to Rebecca N.

"Thanks again for the great customer service. I appreciate it. I truly appreciate it, especially since it seems so rare today. I was glad to talk to you directly." Diana Marion

"I've been meaning to write to report the GrubPack performance on my June hike in the Smokeys. The pack performed flawlessly! And I know that because other hikers that camped with me had little critters sneak into their food bags and nibble away. Needless to say, the GrubPack totally protected all my food." Jay Middour



"I've been using my GrubPack for about two years and haven't lost any food or goodies to the usual notorious critters. I mostly used the GrubPack on several trips in and around Grand Canyon NP."
The GrubPack gang thanks Roger Broadwell

In addition to browsing through these testimonials, we invite you to search the web for other reviews pertaining to GrubPack.  Hiking forums often have honest input about GrubPack and other similar products.

"I just received my GrubPack, and wanted to express my initial thoughts... high quality, well thought out product, and outstanding customer service. You folks do it all well. I won't have to worry about gnawed packs. In fact, I'm looking forward to sending some critters to the animal dentist! Charlie LeSeure


"My nephew is serving our country in Afghanistan. In a recent email he told me about the trouble they have with mice in their living quarters. Having a rodent-proof food storage bag will change his life. I mailed my GrubPack to him the next day. That's why I had to order another one." Joel Harold



"The GrubPack worked great. No intruders. And for protection from the crows, we tied the GrubPack to the bottom of the picnic table. It was perfect. The medium (Model B) was plenty of room for the two of us for three days... Packs down very small as it gets emptied and lightweight, the GrubPack will protect our food on all of our back country trips. Also want to say thanks for the prompt, great service. I enjoyed talking to you about what we needed."     A big GrubPack shout-out to Kevin Wagner

"I appreciate being able to pick up the phone and talk to you. I also appreciate you are involved, pay attention to details, and are service oriented. Thanks again for being so accessible." Bob Shell


"Our campsite at Hermit Creek (Grand Canyon) had a resident rat who we would hear and see scurrying about looking for food. We also saw other backpackers with GrubPacks. We are glad we took the option of adding a handle. This made it easier to carry the GrubPack around the campsites as needed. Thanks for producing a very useful, practical and lightweight product to protect our food!    Kindly submitted by Mary-Sue & Frank Reed

"When I tell people I backpack in the Rockies, they always ask me if I have problems with bears. I always have to say that I have never come close to a bear, but that the chipmunks bother the heck out of me. The little guys love to chew through my pack to get my food. When I heard about your GrubPack rodent proof food containers, I figured I had nothing to loose. I can tell you that the chipmunks now go hungry when I'm around." Wilbur Dongdon


"Glad to support an independent business guy with a good product."
Thanks go out to Chal Vought


"I used my new GrubPack on a weekend backpack in the Ancient Lakes area of Central Washington. I got a bigger GrubPack than I would need just for myself, so others could stick their food in it, as well. The bigger size weighs almost no more than the small size."
Many thanks to Annie Phillips for her kind words and photo

"I first learned of these animal-proof camping food bags on a ultralight backpacking discussion forum. With a trip to the AT in the works, and having some past experience with the mice there, I started some web searching. That's how I found GrubPack. Not only were you the lowest priced mouse proof bag, but you included free shipping. Your bag works just great. Thanks for the great deal."
We thank Mike Hogan for his testimonial




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