There are BIG differences in the small details.
GrubPack is the highest quality premium animal resistant wire mesh food bag available.

GrubPack always cost LESS and always ships FREE!

*GrubPack is made using industrial grade stainless steel wire mesh.  Our field-tested mesh barrier STOPS mice, chipmunks, squirrels, raccoons, ravens, snakes and other small rodents, birds and reptiles.

*A solidly embedded brass grommet is provided for securely hanging your GrubPack animal resistant bag out of reach of the critters. Our hefty grommet makes a big difference!

*Our industrial sewing is done using heavy duty, outdoor rated, UV-resistant thread and belting.

*We use only genuine Velco™ brand polyester closures. Polyester Velcro is UV-resistant, holds tight even when wet and works in temperature extremes of -70° to 200° Fahrenheit.

*Our knitted stainless steel wire mesh allows the bag to expand and hold more!  There are over 20 interlocking wire loops within the size of a dime!




*GrubPack is the only company to offer four premium upgrade options!  Improve your wilderness experience by customizing your GrubPack with genuine MultiCam camouflage belting, carrying handles, a convenient inner pouch or our double-security zipper.      Go to "Upgrade Options"

*GrubPack is available in three colors and five convenient sizes at the best prices anywhere.  Go to "Sizes and Prices"

*You buy direct from the manufacturer with GrubPack.  There are NO retailers, NO middle-man mark-ups and NO sales commissions.  We sell directly to you and include FREE shipping!  You pay LESS.  You get MORE.

*You are fully protected by our 100% Guarantee.  We stand behind our products and take real pride in providing great customer service before AND after every sale.  We strive to earn and maintain your trust.  Go to "100% Gaurantee"

*Every GrubPack is made in the USA!  We support good paying American jobs!

*Our facilities practice environmentally friendly waste management and recycling.  We have instituded an energy saving lighting and consumption policy.





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"GrubPack is the best mouse-proof food cache bag ever...  Thanks so much!"  JT Harold