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Upgrade your premium rodent resistant sack with one of GrubPack's four convenient options.




Genuine MultiCam Camouflage


Our MultiCam belting is US Military grade camo!  Ultra-tough MultiCam adds about 1 ounce to standard GrubPack weights.  We recommend MultiCam when visual concealment of your food supply is a priority.  For maximum camouflage concealment, place your food in drab-colored bags before inserting it into your MultiCam GrubPack.
MultiCam adds $1.00 to Model UL or $2.00 to Models A,B,C
Camo not available on The Group Bag model

Comfortable Carrying Handles


Our nylon handles are great for carrying your GrubPack on a day hike, or around the camp site.  These user-friendly handles add only 1 oz. of weight to your GrubPack.  The handles will match your selected GrubPack color.

Add handles for the low cost of $2.00
Handles not available on GrubPacks with optional Security Zipper
Handles not available on ultra-light Model UL

Convenient Interior Pouch


Our very popular 10"x10" vinyl mesh pouch is sewn just inside the top edge of the bag.  Keep frequently used small items (lip balm, meds, snacks) within quick and easy reach.  This tidy pouch adds under 2 oz. to your GrubPack weight.

Add this handy pouch for just $2.00
Pouch not available on GrubPacks with optional Security Zipper
Pouch not available on Ultra-light Model UL

Double-Security Zipper


We add a tough weather-proof zipper under the Velcro seal.  That's double food protection!  Recommended for bags used as food cache or where raccoons or ravens are active.
Our zipper adds under 2 oz to the weight of your GrubPack.
Add the high-security zipper option for just $12.00

Zipper not available on GrubPacks with added Interior Pouch or Carrying Handles.
Zipper not available on Ultra-light Model UL.



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"Thanks for the great animal-proof food bag.  I sleep better now."  JB Gunns