GrubPack wire mesh backpacking food bags will effectively protect your food supply from mice, squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons, ravens, snakes and other small animals, reptiles and birds. 

  Popular GrubPack destinations include the Grand Canyon, Appalachian Trail, Boundary Waters, the Desert Southwest, Rocky Mountains and anywhere that small pesky animals threaten your camping food supply.  GrubPacks are in use world-wide from Canada and Europe, to the amazing Andes Mountains of South America and the challenging conditions of Tasmania Australia.



Your GrubPack is designed to be used as an animal-resistant food storage bag for day-hikes or multi-day backpacking adventures, as a food cache bag and as an emergency "Go Bag".  Follow these simple suggestions for packing and securing your essentials safely away from small hungry critters. 

PACKING: For best results, pack your food, food prep utensils, personal hygiene items, medications, food-related trash and other scented items in resealable plastic bags. Plastic bags will keep rain and moisture off of your supplies. There are effective scent-proof bags available on the market, but they are not a necessity. Place heavier items near the bottom of the bag.  Do not over-fill the GrubPack to the point where the top closure is stressed or will not seal easily.  It is very important that the Velcro closure is firmly sealed from end to end.  GrubPacks with zippers (Option Z) require that the zipper be fully closed and tucked under the fully sealed Velcro.

CARRYING: Always be careful not to snag or rip the mesh.  We recommend loading your GrubPack into a backpack for carrying.  Because the GrubPack is flexible, excess mesh can be folded or rolled to reduce the overall size.  You may find it convenient to place the GrubPack in a compressible stuff sack before loading it into your backpack.  This will help reduce the size of the bag and protect it from snags.

AT THE CAMPSITE:  Use your GrubPack as an rodent-resistant hanging food bag.  Hang your GrubPack using the provided sturdy grommet, just as you would normally hang any camping food bag for animal-resistant protection.  In ideal situations, hang the bag at least 4ft below the supporting tree limb, at least 4ft away from the nearest tree trunk and at least 6ft off the ground.  In bear country, suspend the GrubPack at least 6ft below the hanging branch, 10ft from the tree trunk and provide a ground clearance of at least 10ft.  If hanging is not an option, build a protective rock pile over the bag.  Use rocks that are softball to football size or greater.  Note: GrubPack is not resistant to bears, wolves and other large animals.

RAVEN PROTECT: Ravens can be a daytime threat in areas like the Grand Canyon.  Unlike rodents, ravens hunt by sight rather than smell.  If ravens are present, we recommend that the GrubPack be concealed from their sight during the daytime hours.  Given enough time and leverage, ravens will be able to create an opening in the wire mesh.  For raven prevention, we recommend fully concealing the GrubPack in a crevasse under a rock outcropping.  Position the GrubPack so ravens do not have a way to land on top of the bag.  Another option is to cover the GrubPack on the ground with large irregular-shaped stones, being certain not to leave openings large enough for a raven to reach through.  The stones should be softball to football size or larger.  If you prefer to hang your GrubPack in raven territory, place the GrubPack inside of a nylon stuff sack and hang the stuff sack as recommended above.  Ravens will have a difficult time landing on and gaining leverage on the free-swinging bag.

AS A FOOD CACHE BAG: Follow our campsite hanging instructions. In areas with ravens, use our tips for raven protection.  We recommend GrubPacks with the optional interior zipper (Option Z) for food cache use.

OTHER USES: GrubPack can also be used as a rat resistant marine storage bag for boat ropes, docking ropes or anchor ropes.  It makes a great light-weight, rodent resistant storage bag for climbing ropes and gear.  Other customers find GrubPack to be very effective in use as a mouse proof bag for storing RV fabric furniture, hammocks, beach towels and other items mice love to chew and nest in. Pet owners use GrubPack to hold pet foods in garages, basements and sheds.  Nature lovers use GrubPack to store feed for deer, birds and squirrels in areas accessible by animals.




"A mouse proof backpacking food bag!  Where have you been all my life?" 
                                                                                                       L. Dunn