GrubPack "A"

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While other companies may use less expensive seals, GrubPack uses Genuine Velco™ Brand Polyester Closure Strips. Polyester is superior for outdoor use, it is extremely UV resistant, holds its grip when wet and works in temperature extremes of -70° to 200° Fahrenheit. Wide Velcro™ closure. The Velcro™ closure is back-lined with steel mesh. A commercial grade, non-corrosive brass grommet is provided for hanging the GrubPack out of reach of most critters. To enhance your wilderness experience, consider upgrading your GrubPack with one of our reasonably priced options: Carrying Handles, Interior Pouch, Double-Security Zipper, or high-concealment MultiCam camouflage belting. The GrubPack is lightweight, durable, flexible, fold-able, roll-able and rust-proof. Sewing is done with heavy duty, outdoor rated, UV resistant commercial thread. Our nylon edge belting, resists fading and breakdown due to UV sun exposure and heat. The GrubPack is made of stainless steel mesh. The fully knitted mesh is constructed of thousands of small interlocking loops of stainless steel wire. The knitted mesh expands when filling with your items. The "E-Z Pull" mouth opening across the top means less effort for you to open your GrubPack. The Small GrubPack is approximately 15"h x 18"w, about 1178 cubic inches and weighs about 8 oz. (Note: Camo option will add 1/2 to 1 ounce to noted weights.)

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